CAS-HPO: Centre for Advanced Studies in Settlement History, Populations and Social Organization

The CAS-HPO research centre investigates processes leading to the decline of human settlements, the restructuralisation of settlement and the population changes that potentially and factually endanger the society even today. Research teams of the centre explore these processes in a broad interdisciplinary scope regarding, in particular, the mutual influence of the social and environmental dimension of human settlements that in the diachronic perspective often radically and dynamically changes.

The core workers of the CAS-HPO centre realization team represent experts from the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science of Masaryk University (Institute of Archaeology and Museology, Faculty of Arts, MU; Institute of Botany and Zoology, Faculty of Science, MU; Institute of Geological Sciences, Faculty of Science, MU) as the applicant, and its partner, the Department of Anthropology and Human Genetics of the Faculty of Science of Charles University.

Within Masaryk University, the CAS-HPO centre follows in the tracks of the “Interdisciplinary Centre for Research into Social Structures from Prehistory until the High Middle Ages“ established in 2005 as part of a research programme of the Ministry of Education of the CR. The centre followed previous The Centre for Archaeological Research into Social Structures from Prehistory until the High Middle Ages” (funded on 1999).

The research activities of the centre span the whole prehistoric and medieval development of mankind with emphasis on certain key periods, and a broad interdisciplinary collaboration of the humanities, natural sciences and technical disciplines with accent on new information technologies and the processing of digital data. Magister and doctoral students od ÚAM are systematically interlinked to the research activities.

The interconnection of the most modern instrumentation and devices, excellent scientific workers and their teams and several field research bases is unique in Central-European archaeology. Due to its long tradition (Institute of Archaeology and Museology of the Faculty of Arts, MU was established as early as 1930), systematic development of research instrumentation and support of scientific career of top absolvents this research infrastructure counts among the most stable ones of its kind in the Czech Republic.

The centre is headed by the Scientific Board with a board of directors: excellent experts (researchers) of the centre:

  • prof. Mgr. Jiří Macháček, Ph.D. - předseda
  • doc. Mgr. Vladimír Sládek, Ph.D., HDR
  • doc. Mgr. Michal Hájek, Ph.D.

Members of the Scientific Board also include key workers of the centre – leaders of the individual key activities:

  • Dr. phil. Mgr. Peter Milo
  • Mgr. Petra Goláňová, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Petr Hrubý, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. et Mgr. Ludmila Kaňáková Hladíková, Ph.D.
  • PhDr. Irena Loskotová, Ph.D.

Representatives of the strategic international partners of the CAS-HPO centre :

  • Univ. Prof. Dr. Claudia Theune-Vogt (Universität Wien)
  • Univ. Prof. Dr. Falko Daim (Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Mainz)
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Müller (Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel)
  • Prof. Dr. Vincent Guichard (European Archaeological Centre Bibracte)

Research Infrastructure of the CAS-HPO

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Mgr. et Mgr. Ludmila Kaňáková Hladíková, Ph.D.

Contact person

Office: bud. T/210
Kounicova 67a
602 00 Brno

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