The geophysical team

The geophysical team provides for a complex service in the field of geophysical survey. The complexity of the offer is unique in Central Europe. The infrastructure of advanced geophysical non-destructive research is currently equipped with technologies for large-scale geophysical and underwater research. It include Fluxgate magnetometer with four probes, wheeled Fluxgate magnetometer with ten probes, Ground-penetrating radar, electro-resistivity set, several metal detector, soil susceptibility meters, vehicles, and specialised soft-ware. Thanks to this instrumentation, we are able to cover all types of terrains, sediments, deposits and other external conditions, whose variability considerably limits the large-scale use of individual methods.

  • Caesium magnetometer Navmag, Scintrex
  • Fluxgate magnetometer Foerster Ferex
  • Wheeled fluxgate gradiometer array LEA Eastern Atlas with 10-channel data logger
  • Apparatus for geoelectric resistance measurement ABEM
  • GPR Georadar Mala X3M
  • several Metal detectors C-Scope and XP-Gold Max
  • software MagPro, FoersterDataloader, MagDataShift, Easy 3D, Archaeofusion, RadExplorer, 3D

These technologies enable large-scale data collection, which is considerably more effective, and which enable the combination of most of the known methods of geophysical prospection. Combination of these methods significantly increases the quality and reliability of measurements.

A standard component of our work is digital processing of data, their interpretation in GIS as well as professional assessment of archaeological potential of the area studied, which is an integral part of logistic preparation of not only the science-oriented archaeological research, but also the small- and large-scale building projects.

Magnetometer Förster FEREX 4.032 DLG (Ferex)
Magnetometer LEA MAX (Eastern Atlas)
Georadar Mala X3M (Mala) with 250 MHz, 500 MHz and 800 MHz screened antenna

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