Experimental centre

Archaeological experimental centre forms a part of Centre of Analytical and Experimental Archaeology (CAEA) in Panská Lhota. Experimental centre provide facilities of archaeological experiments, workshops and conferences. Well-equipped conference hall with capacity of 100 persons, accommodation capacity for researchers, depository, open-sky area, as well as completely furnished kitchen form a conditions of experiments and other events.

Research team of the Centre is dedicated to experimental verification of results in ceramics technology research since 2012. Team manages Annual workshop of medieval ceramic studies. Experimental production and firing in replicas of historic kilns forms a regular part of the workshop programme. Labor für Experimentelle Archäologie (LEA) RGZM Mayen is research partner of experimental centre in wider analytic-experimental research of historic pottery since 2014.


CAEA provides experimental services too:

  • Laboratory firing of ceramic mass samples
    • Preparation and firing of samples of experimental pottery and tested ceramic mass in controlled laboratory conditions (oxidation firing)
    • Preparation of samples, cutting, standardised samples
    • Firing for verification of original firing temperature and other conditions, production of sampler set
    • Laboratory kiln LAC (max. temperature 1200°C, capacity 5 l), electric kiln LAC (max. temperature 1300°C), drying kiln
  • Experimental production of pottery including documentation
    • Replicas of historic pottery
    • Firing in replicas of medieval kilns
    • Comparison of archaeological ceramics and experimental samples

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