We inteconnect students to our research

Bachelor, magisterial and doctoral students of DAM are heavily supported in interconnecting to our research teams. Students of archaeology in bachelor degree complete theoretical and practical education in all used prospection, excavation, conservation and documentation methods. Prospection practice involve training in devices operation, measurement, analysis and appraisal of data collected by magnetometry, GRP, geoelectric method, detectoring, 3D relics identification, and survey, including collecting of spatial data. Excavation practice involve sampling, sieving, flotation, basic sorting of environmental and cultural samples, excavation and full documentation and digitalisation processes. Basic practice of conservation involve cleaning, drying, sorting, refitting of ceramics, stone, bone and metal tangible evidences.

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Students of bachelor degree are supported in self-reliant appraisal of suited subject in frame of DAM research for their bachelor diploma thesis. Typical example of interconnecting is appraisal of defined finding context or collection, or appraisal of some phenomenon in interested area.

Students of magisterial degree are supported in development and boosting of their scientific skills, particularly in self-reliant rendition of research theme, documentation providing, reference review and analysis of digitalised database or spatial data. Students are welcome to participate on research as working group leader or responsible co-workers in individual methods.

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Students of doctoral degree are supported in development and boosting their publication activity, attendance on conferences, including international and other presentations of own research results. Doctoral students are welcome to participate on research of DAM as independent specialised co-workers. They may cooperate on research outputs of team as well as realize research activity independently. They are involved to the education too, according to own ability and focus.

Magisterial and doctoral students are supported in application and gaining of own projects, usually projects of internal support of Faculty of Arts or Masaryk University (Dean Grant program, program of Development Found of Masaryk University).

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