The influences and relationships between the Carolingian Empire resp. the later East Frankish kingdom and its border region in the north, the march of the Danes - Denmark - have long been known from historical and archaeological sources. The importance of the British Isles for the socio-political, cultural and economic development of southern Scandinavia from the late 9th to the late 11th century, which was mainly linked to present-day Norway on the basis of rich finds, was less discussed. After the first plundering and long-lasting Viking raids on the rich monasteries and cities of Britain from the 870s onwards, Danes were established and settled, especially in the east and north-east of England, the Danelaw. Since the early 11th century, the Danish king succeeded in conquering the throne of England and reigning there for decades. What role did Scandinavia's largest trading port, Hedeby, play in this network? Were there any connections to the Danish settlers in the Danelaw or to urban centers such as York, Lincoln or London? These questions will be investigated in the lecture by processing the finds from over 100 years of research activities in Hedeby.

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